SmarThin is unique compared to many other weight loss companies in Australia. We are one of the only organisations who combine the Mediterranean Diet with Weight loss Counselling for a holistic treatment for overweight problems and obesity.

We look at weight problems from a broad perspective, not just assign a diet plan. Our Nutritional Counsellors contemplate all the behavioural, cognitive (thoughts) and social aspects of our clients’ weight issues.

The outcome is providing our clients with the best methods that will help them lose the weight they want and live the rest of their life free of weight problems.

Our overall approach works to establish a behavioural change in our client’s lifestyle. We will introduce the Mediterranean diet to you, as well as providing you the skills to feel more active while working on the emotional life factors that are acting as barriers to your weight loss.


Enhance your beauty

Are you struggling with your weight and looking for a solution that works? SmarThin is here to help as we offer a holistic weight loss plan that is designed to give you the results you want.
Healthy Mediterranean Diet

Healthy diet for your body as well as for mind.

Support to Become Active

Taking care of your body is important.

Nutritional Counselling

More of a friend than a Nutritional Counsellor.

Education & Skill Development

Broad experience is always a bonus.

 These programs are designed to work to change your eating habits to the Mediterranean diet / eating style plus emphasising a range of counselling techniques to manage your relationship with food.
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